Working with local agents and a local photographer

We believe in the power of local knowledge particularly when it comes to selling real estate.  A local knows the vibe of an area intimately and has first-hand experience with the local property market.  This is why we love to work with local Brisbane agents who trust that we can get in and out with exceptional photos and a great understanding of the area.  They know that we know what is needed to market properties in the local market.

More often than not it’s about buying a lifestyle.  Having great photos is a big part of this.  The story you tell with your real estate marketing images is the key tool to get buyers into the home to see for themselves.

When it comes to putting down the drop-pins for the top spots relative to the property you can count on Four Walls Photography to know the best spots thanks to our many years working in the local Ipswich and Brisbane property market.  Parks, shops, schools we very familiar with most areas so our drone shots will always show the right spots for drop point locations.

Different suburbs have different styles of homes and attract a particular demographic.  This means playing up the features to suit.  Shooting for the style of the suburb and knowing what does well in that market is essential.  Just like having a good understanding of what’s going on with the local market is important, certain areas have certain home styles.  Over time and with the experience we’ve learned how to make the most of these styles for real estate photos. 

Working with local agents ensures less travel time, you can get the job done in a day, and booking it in is very fast when we are in the area.

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