Equestrian, Farms and Rural Properties

Showcase your equestrian facility, farm or rural property with visual media that tells a story

Four Walls Photography offers professional property photography and videography services for all properties. One of our specialty areas (and what sets us apart from others) is in capturing the essence of equestrian properties, farms, and rural properties.

With years of experience in this field, we can provide customised solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether you need high-quality images and videos of your equestrian facility or aerial views and other visual media of your rural property or farm, we’ve got you covered.

About our Equestrian photography & videography

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Showcase your equestrian facility with a photographer experienced in working with animals

Four Walls Photography is a photography and videography company with over 25 years of experience in professional photography. Our lead photographer has also had experience in working with horses, and spent many years teaching horse riding lessons. This experience means that we are great at working with and showcasing the horses themselves, as well as the equestrian facilities and conditions they’re kept in.

Our expertise in working with horses means we can capture their personality, beauty and temperament, while showcasing the high-quality stay they receive at the facility. We highlight the stables, arenas, paddocks, bedding, food, and amenities to keep all stakeholders happy.

Experienced in capturing a range of equestrian properties

We specialise in shooting footage and photography for a wide range of equestrian facilities, including:

We can work to your specific needs

We know that you may have specific requirements for visual media, depending on the nature of your equestrian facility, why you need quality visual media, and what it is you’d like to showcase. So we offer customised packages that work to your needs. Our huge range of visual media services; from photography and videography to drone aerial footage, floor plans and 3d virtual tour walkthroughs can effectively showcase whatever areas you’d like to highlight.

We work with you to meet your needs, whilst making the process easy

We understand that selling or showcasing your property is a big deal, so we aim to provide a stress-free and seamless experience for you. We will work closely with you to understand your vision and provide stunning results that meet your needs.

About our Farm & rural property photography & videography

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Showcase your farm and rural property

Our rural and farm property photography and videography services are designed to showcase the location, size, appeal, farming possibilities, and amenities of farms and large rural properties.

Whether it’s a large acreage rural property, a cattle farm or a crop farm, we specialise in visual media that showcases the property’s potential and attracts potential buyers.

We can capture large properties in full — and their surrounding areas

At Four Walls Photography, we offer a full range of visual media services, which also include air drone photography and videography.

We are able to capture stunning aerial views of your property and surrounding landscapes, showcasing property’s location and giving an understanding of the surrounding area.

We capture stunning images and videos of the land, infrastructure, crop, produce or livestock, and water sources, from the ground and overhead; encompassing all, to entice potential buyers.

Selling your property? Great visual media gets interested buyers to a viewing

Professional quality photography and videography paints a picture and showcases your property’s best features. We can provide you with the quality media that will get more potential buyers out to a viewing of your equestrian, farm or rural property for sale.

Customised quotes; we’ll tailor a package to you

No two rural, equestrian or farming properties are the same, so we offer customised solutions and quotes to suit you.

A full range of visual media services

We offer all of the visual media you need in one place. You can pick and choose the media formats that you would like, choose a popular package, or get a custom quote tailored to your unique requirements.

Our visual media services for equestrian, farm and rural properties include:

Photography and visual media for your property

Get high-quality visual media for your equestrian, farm, or rural property

We produce high-quality visual media, efficiently and effectively. Request a quote today or give us a call and we’ll go from there to create a perfect package for your needs. You’ll have the high-quality visuals you need, before you know it.
Contact us to book a shoot or discuss options.