When drone photography is needed in a no fly zone…

Sometimes it’s tricky getting a drone into a busy Brisbane location due to government regulations around air zones and aircraft. 

CASA approval to use a drone in a restricted flight area can be expensive and difficult to obtain so when a client needs this type of job we like to explore all options. In this case we overcame the challenge by hiring a helicopter!  Our commercial client was onboard immediately as it was immediately clear we could then complete multiple jobs with this solution and provide a cost saving across various locations from Hemmant to Graceville. 

We aimed for mid morning timeframe to get a good run with less ground shadow.  It was also less likely there would be high air traffic in the morning with the international airport mostly flying early morning or late afternoon.  We have completed many commercial drone photography projects in Brisbane and love the beauty in the scale of a commercial job.  They are unique in the way you show spaces from multiple different aspects as required from office space, to workshop to warehouse all in the same project.  For example, we document how trucks move in and out of the area, the security aspects for potential leasing, the space for electrical installations and fire safety aspects.  All four corners of a building are shown often across one or two acres, making drone or aerial photography via helicopter the only real solution.  And then there’s the Matterport 3D tour solution for interiors.  The result is the entire commercial building documented to ensure nothing is overlooked in decisions around a sale or lease or property management and there’s an image resource on file for future use.  As you can imagine, we hand over many more photographs for these commercial photography projects compared to our residential shoots.


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