Should You Use Drone Photography for Real Estate Business?

Real estate is dependent on visual marketing. High-quality real estate property videos and images positively influence the decision of the property buyer. A new concept in the real estate marketing industry is the use of real estate drone photography to create the WOW factor for the viewer.

Your real estate competitors will leave you behind if you do not adopt the drone photography idea. According to reports from the Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), “real estate drone photography” is the #1 marketing vertical in the list of commercial drone photography.

What is Real Estate Drone Photography?

It is the art of using high-quality and high-precision drones to capture videos and images of the real estate property. It allows real estate photographers and videographers to amplify their creative skills, and produce amazing portfolios of the properties, especially when it gives the ability to capture new angles that are impossible from a standard camera.

The drones enable the photographers to shoot up to 400 feet high from the ground level. The aerial shots of the local landscape give an amazing view.

If you are still debating the purpose of drones in real estate, remember this – the consumer report from Google and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reveal that 70% of homebuyers prefer to watch a video tour of the property before buying.

You can beat the competition by adopting real estate drone photography and offering prospective buyers an amazing aerial view of the properties. Homebuyers depend on a lot of visuals in these ways:

  • 54% view general video tours of a particular house
  • 86% want videos to learn more about the society, culture, and community.
  • 44% use videos to compare and contrast shortlisted homes and its features.
  • 38% says the videos helps to zoom in on specific home features.

The above statistics are based on the Digital House Hunt: Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate joint report. The consumers are informed and intrigued more than before- they want to be aware of every information and detail of the house that interests them.

All these facts and perceptions have led to the growth of the real estate drone photography. Properties that are accompanied with aerial images are 68% likely to find a buyer than those without images, as reported by the Multiple Listing Service at the Real Estate Magazine.

Real estate business is truly about creating a perception, and the drone photography helps to create the apt perception.

Future of Real Estate Drone Photography

Inc. Magazine reports the following statistics about the future of real estate drone photography. Let us take a brief look.

  1.    85% people are more likely to buy after watching an in-depth video.
  2.    80% of web traffic will be driven by videos in 2018.
  3.    84% of communication will be visual-based by 2018.
  4.    Video on social media will be shared three times more.

Given the fact that the visual social networking sites like Pinterest and Instagram have grown their user base 111% and 64% respectively, it opens a lot of channels for the real estate marketer to reach the right audience. Cross-platform marketing is crucial as your real estate drone photographs, and videos can be shared across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vimeo, and Google+.

Apart from these channels, the drone footage should be a part of content marketing communications strategy on newsletters, real estate blogs, landing pages, reports, flyers, and digital brochures. In fact, if budget allows, buy ad slots on the local TV and play a nice advert about the properties, shot primarily with the drones.

You can also include the real estate drone photography in traditional marketing methods such as local listings, local publications, billboards, signage and direct mail campaigns. With editorial inputs, the same content can be used on multiple channels, saving your time and money to create new content every time. Once the video is created, embed the same on the specific property listing on the website.

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