A quick recap of the year that was 2021

Thinking back on the year we are happy to report it was one of steady growth and relatively few interruptions from the pandemic.  This year we shipped 25,000 real estate images, representing a more than 50% increase in photograph numbers from last year. 
We enjoyed some helicopter rides, flying right next to the Brisbane airport runway whilst photographing a commercial property for re-leasing.  This job included five commercial buildings.
We returned to mask-free business and the entire team completed full vaccination.
We enjoyed photographing some high-end and also architectural homes via some local collaborations.
And some amazing city views… and suburban views…
We were proud to assist with their brand campaign photography for advertising on buses.
Photography for ad campaign on buses - image shows bus on road with real estate photo on side
Sadly, the boat has been high and dry in the backyard since February but we are looking forward to an opportunity to kick back and enjoy some sea scenery during the Christmas break.
We wish you all the best as the year comes to a close.  Stay safe and happy over the holidays, spend time with family if you can (either virtually or face-to-face).  We’ll see you on the flip side.

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