Survival of the Fastest

If you were to tell us last month that in 4 weeks time we would be kitted up in gloves and mask to carry out our real estate photography and 3D tours we would have called you crazy. Who could ever have planned for the reality every business is facing today. It’s totally unbelievable but it’s happening and we are all adapting fast in order to keep the industry going whilst being mindful of our social responsibility.

It’s a time that has seen rapid change – in some cases daily change – and with that has come some necessary pivots and speedy adaptation by local businesses. The real estate model is one that has been greatly affected due to the restrictions currently in place around open homes and auctions to ensure buyers and sellers are not at risk of infection from COVID-19. Agents are getting on with it however they can whilst maintaining all the rules. People still have to buy and sell their homes and it’s admirable to see both vendors and sales associates stepping up to the challenge.

We have been happy to assist thanks to our ability to provide 3D tours and drone photography services for our Brisbane and Ipswich clients. It’s the property tech we always knew was the future of real estate. The current disruption to normal business has fast-tracked adoption as local real estate agents position themselves to continue selling property in the safest way possible. Whilst no one is sure when this situation will end one thing is sure, the fast adoption of technology to create these virtual worlds for property inspections means the real estate industry is already forever changed.

Brisbane agencies are now setup and ready to go virtual with marketing. When the spring selling season picks up it will be interesting to see just how deep these changes will go to the structure of the Queensland real estate market.

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