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If you’ve landed on this page you’re probably interested in finding out about real estate photography services for rental properties. This is one of the many Brisbane photography services we provide for homeowners, agents, and agencies alike.

There are many choices to be made when preparing a property for rent and of course many situations from first-time landlords to those with multiple properties. You might also be facing a rather fast-moving situation due to a new property purchase or you might have long-term tenants vacating.

In the current market, property is moving fast but the photographs still influence the quality and number of potential tenants attending opens. Questions you might ask include whether to use a professional photographer and whether you should have the photos taken with or without furniture. Timing is important because the property needs to be ready for images. If the property is already tenanted you’ll need to advise tenants and arrange a suitable time for access (there are legal requirements around this so you should ask your rental property manager if you’re unsure).

We are able to liaise with agents, property managers, homeowners and tenants.

Particularly if your home is about to become a rental for the first time it’s a good idea to have professional real estate images. These can then be used at a later date if you decide to sell. At that time you might not have the same access and the property might not be styled in a marketable way.

Less time on the market – Better looking properties attract more attention and photos are often key to this especially when listings are digital. it’s a real skill to capture a property in a way that makes the most of its features. The photos you take on a phone are just not able to do this. Professional photo lens make a huge difference to the perspective and spaciousness of the rooms when presented digitally. Rooms can actually look compressed and feel smaller with phone cameras as the lends isn’t able to capture what the eye sees.

Better quality tenant – Good presentation and great photos combine to attract better quality tenants.

Better pricing options – Good presentation often attracts higher price points. Marketing is everything.

With furniture will provide a better understanding of scale and help potential tenants understand the size of rooms and how furniture will fit. However, this is probably a personal choice as the style of furniture will appeal to some maybe not all.

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