Top 5 Reasons why Real Estate photography is Crucial to the Success of a Campaign

Real estate is a competitive field. There are often multiple players in the market vying to sell a couple of home portfolios.

To stay competitive in the real estate market, you need to be creative, and the trending marketing strategy is to impress potential homebuyers with a visual marketing campaign.

Why is Real Estate Photography Essential?

Here are some logical reasons.

#1 Professional real estate photos get maximum clicks/views

Involving real estate photographers in your marketing campaign can bring more attention to your property listings and more clicks, views or leads from potential customers. Real estate marketing is a visual and emotional experience as compared to boring property listings without any professional real estate photos. Pictographic portfolio gets higher CTR, which increases the chances of turning lead into a conversion.

#2 Increasing sales with real estate professional photography

Real estate property listings with professional real estate photos clicked with a high-end SLR camera tend to generate more leads than the listings that use point-and-shoot photographs. Professional real estate photographers can change the way a buyer looks at a property, and it ultimately benefits the seller.

#3 Professional real estate photographer builds brand

As a realtor, you may have too many competitors in the real estate market whom you need to surpass and succeed. Real estate professional photography is the best way you can improve your real estate marketing portfolio when dealing with potential buyers.

Any buyer would prefer a realtor with professional real estate photography over someone who uses point-and-shoot photographs. Their home is their lifetime investment, and they want to make the most out of it. By believing in professional photography, you will eventually actualise your strategies and show the seller how you mean business.

#4 Real estate photographer can build your offline presence in the market

Real estate professional photography is not only an online support to your business, but you can also add value to your offline marketing strategies with real estate photos. Many real estate photographers now offer brochure and flyer printing for their clients.

Ask your photographer, if they can design and print brochures, advertisements and other marketing materials to make your property listing presentable. Try using a double-sided booklet, where you can place 8.5” x 11” primary property photos on one side, and the other side can consist of small supporting feature photos.

#5 Enhance your social media presence and save time

A real estate photographer Brisbane will not only take still photos for you but also build a virtual tour of the property for potential buyers. Professional photographers have technical tools, which help them to create amazing feature videos.

With the growing trend of offering a virtual tour in the real estate market, giving a walk through the house will attract potential buyers. You can create a YouTube account, upload the professional property videos, and form a marketing strategy around the videos to connect with more quality customers.


A house is not a mere construction to occupy; it is a place to live in, relax and feel secure. Professional real estate photos and videos will help you sell a “home” and not just a “house”. Before hiring a professional, do check the current real estate photography prices in the market.

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