Real Estate Photography – The Seller’s Perspective


The adoption of the Internet opened new avenues for the real estate industry to expand its reach and improve property sales. Realestate and Domain are the popular real estate listing sites to display homes for sale. As people became dependent on online listings, the “first showing” of a house is effectively happening through the web and the success of the “first showing” stage depends on a single aspect – your property photography. Let’s understand real estate photography from the seller’s perspective.

The Seller’s Perspective

A seller does not usually think about real estate photography when hiring a real estate agent. The seller is interested in determining the value of the home and in getting the home ready for ‘sale’.

However, having said this, the seller will be disappointed to see poor quality photos of their house. The seller trusts the real estate agent to handle the real estate marketing, and when pictures turn out poorly, it’s certainly disappointing as it directly impacts the selling potential of the listed property.

As a result, the seller can choose a hire a real estate photography expert directly.

The Real Estate Agent’s Perspective

It is the prerogative of the real estate agent to decide whether an investment into real estate photography services is relevant or not. While agents are aware that new home buyers prefer to look at pictures of the home before an actual visit, expert real estate agents acknowledge that investment in photography often cuts into their profit margins.

However, we are making a fleeting general statement. The choice of hiring a real estate photographer often depends on the location of the property and its worth in the market. Again, as more agents begin to adopt hiring estate photographers actively, others follow suit.

The Unified Perspective

The seller has listed a property for sale and ultimately, what matters is to capture the attention of the buyer and create a positive impression so that the buyer takes a step further and books an appointment with the real estate agent to view the property in real.

While it is acceptable to depend on the real estate agent for marketing requirements, the seller should take a proactive interest in the marketing channels and ensure that a professional photographer is hired. There is a significant difference in quality between images created by a professional photographer and an amateur photographer.

The seller needs to collaborate with the hired photographer to help the person understand the features of the house, and participate in the real estate photo shoot. With developments in technology, many real estate agents globally are opting for drone photography. Drones take aerial photographs of the property, and it gives buyers an accurate estimate of how the property is situated.

As a seller, you need to:

  1. Interview multiple realtors to understand how they work towards selling a home like what kind of marketing materials are used, how much time it takes to get few prospective buyers and so on.
  2. Look at their real estate listings to understand whether the agent is investing in professional real estate photography or choosing DIY methods like uploading photos clicked from phone cameras.
  3. Keep the listed home devoid of clutter.


As a seller, you cannot restrict yourself with prepping up the home for sale. You have to proactively participate with the estate agent in creating a wonderful portfolio listing of the home, and that begins by hiring a professional real estate photographer. Remember that you are trusting someone to sell a property worth million and such a property should be represented the right way.


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