Top 5 Real Estate Photography Mistakes to Avoid

According to the 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 86 percent home buyers found online listed information most useful. Among those who used the Internet to purchase their dream house, 89 percent found the property photos very helpful.

It is crucial that the home looks amazing in the pictures. You can’t explain the beauty, the aura, and the charm of a home in words as much as a single image of the property would convey. It is worthwhile to invest in good real estate photography service providers. Brisbane real estate photography services offers stellar real estate pictographic coverage.

Real Estate Photography Mistakes to Avoid

The top 5 mistakes that home sellers or real estate agents make when it comes to real estate photography are:

#1 Substandard lighting

The most delicate task to handle during Brisbane real estate photography is shooting within a house with bright sunlight entering the space through windows, while the inside is dull. Our eyes have no issues in changing to this circumstance, yet a camera is not exactly as great as our eyes.

For better results, try clicking photographs in the early morning just 30 minutes after sunrise or around an hour before dusk. Remove all the unnecessary obstacles like blinds and shades to let the natural light enter the room. Click a couple of shots utilising all the available light inside the room.

Although it might appear to be a little unusual, using the camera flash in daytime will enable the space to look as splendid as the light falling in through the windows.

#2 The photographer’s silhouette

It is hard to avoid or dispel our own shadow to become visible on images, especially when shooting on a self-reflective surface such as a bathroom. However, you can do it by playing around with different angles when you are photographing a space with mirrors. During real estate photography, you will have to discover a spot that will keep you out of the frame and the room can radiate on its own.

Remember that your silhouette or reflection can appear in the windows and pieces of furniture made of glass and such images won’t do any good in attracting potential home buyers.

#3 Obscure or blurred images

You should focus to get “FOCUS”! If you find it hard to keep your hands steady, do not try a hand-held shoot. For best quality Brisbane real estate photography, utilise a tripod. Try to take images as clear as possible because blurry or obscure images can distract potential buyers. Your professionalism may be questioned because of obscure images, so make sure your clicks are sharp and bright.

#4 Clicking messy environment

Clothes, toys, even additional furniture can all add to the creation of a jumbled and riotous photograph. Rather than seeing your stunning lounge space chandelier, buyers will keep judging the messy heaps of papers and magazines on the table and all the clothes cluttered on your sofa. Clear up the mess before you opt for a professional Brisbane real estate photography service. You will be happy you did when you will see the results.

#5 A little too much of photoshop

A touch of modification looks good. In fact, it is an intelligent thought to alter the white balance, brightness, and contrast in your photographs before you put them up. However, making too many adjustments can make your property photos look too incredible to believe, giving rise to suspicions in the minds of potential home buyers that you are attempting to hide something.


Avoid these basic yet vital real estate photography mistakes, and you can develop an astonishing listing ad that makes buyers fall in love with your house.

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