Selling Brisbane Real Estate in Spring

It’s well known that peak selling time for real estate in Brisbane starts early September with the change of the season and warmer weather. Right now we’re nearing the end of August and home owners and property sales agents are busy preparing. For agents it’s going to be a mad few months dealing with an increased number of listings and a more competitive market. For home owners it’s generally a little stressful (selling a home generally tops the list for that!) but well managed if you have the right people around you.

All it takes is one buyer with the right budget and you have the perfect sale. Good photographs dramatically increase the reach of your property advertising and make a huge difference to the number of eyes that land on your listings. The more people see your home the better your chances to connect with that one ‘perfect buyer’.

We know this because that’s what we’re doing every day. Speaking with and listening to home owners, agents and broker owners talking about the business, the properties, the market and everything you could possibly imagine related to the buying and selling of real estate in Brisbane and Ipswich. It gives us a good sense of what’s going on in the market and and helps us guide the direction of our own business to ensure we’re providing the best service we can for our clients and for their clients.

Enjoy your week and enjoy this amazing Queensland weather as we get closer to spring. We are especially enjoying the outdoor shoots this week. We look forward to meeting you and your property soon.

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