Real Estate Floorplans for Property Marketing in Brisbane

This year more than ever, floor plans are becoming a big part of real estate marketing for rentals and sales.

With some homes, it’s not possible to cover the whole house for photos and in these situations having a floor plan assists greatly. Floorplans show potential buyers the layout of the home or apartment for sale. Some are to scale and some include measurements that allow buyers to see if their furniture will fit. 

Four Walls Photography are experienced professionals in this area and have all different styles of floor plans available including black and white floorplans, colour floorplans, furnished and full site plans.

A floor plan is especially useful if you are wanting to do renos on your about to be purchased property as these can give you a quick overview of what might be possible.

Having walked the home during an inspection, potential buyers can return to the listing images and floorplan to reimagine the space and double check anything they don’t remember.

Buyers from other city centres such as Melbourne or Sydney find floorplans useful when considering a home purchase in another city or state. These (and also our 3D walk-thru’s) allow buyers to view the home in detail when an in person visit isn’t possible or when it’s necessary to narrow the list before jumping on a plan for a home inspection.

If you have any questions around floorplans we are happy to assist.

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