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Did you know Winter is a more technically challenging time to shoot drone photography in Brisbane? It’s due to the low position of the sun at this time of year. This means it’s essential to have an experienced professional photographer carry out your real estate drone photos. Experienced lighting artists know how to control the camera and adjust for these variations in the lighting at different times of the day and through different seasons and weather. So whilst it’s harder to get a good shot, rest assured – experienced photographers know how to handle this situation.

Late afternoon is still doable but at this time of day you’ll generally see longer shadows on the ground. So, ideally we aim for a midday shoot for drone work, when shadows are short.

There are also very specific timing requirements for completing a perfect twilight drone photo shoot. A slow shutter speed needs to be avoided to ensure a sharp image. As well as timing perfectly before sundown to get the best colours, there are regulations around the legal times to fly at night. The regulations are there to avoid high movement times with other aircraft.

Drone photography is great for the acreage scenario as we are able to get our drones up to the full 120 metres max height. This provides an expansive perspective of the whole property so buyers understand the potential and (for example) see where dams are located on the property and the overall property layout.

As mentioned there are height restrictions we work within. Drones can’t fly higher than 120 metres (400ft). with this height factored in, a 1-2 acre property gives a birds eye view on top of the property. Anything over 2 acres means we need to fly back a little off the block which gives more of an angled shot and a different perspective. When there’s a requirement for a birdseye view of a large acreage property it is possible with extra fly overs and some expert editing.

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