Swimming Pool Preparation for Real Estate Photography

We loved photographing this property (above). It had a stunning pool. The pergola provides shelter and compliments the backyard perfectly. Very easy to imagine sitting down with a nice cool drink, enjoying the stunning view – poolside. But of course we had work to do!

If you’re selling a property during August or September and that property happens to have a pool, chances are it’s not looking the best right now. Over winter and autumn it’s common for pools to start to look a little murky with higher levels of algae. What can you do? We advise clients to get the pool chemicals in a few days before the photo shoot. Run the filter during the day and if all goes well you’ll have nice clear water ready for your photos. You should really do this 2-3 days before the photo shoot.

You might also consider an early evening photography session. Pools look great at night with the right lighting. Twilight photography is ideal for swimming pools as it makes colours appear super saturated and bright. The shimmery patterns of light on the water at dusk can look interesting. The softening of light in the evening creates an air of contemporary elegance and luxury.

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