Matterport Brisbane Virtual Tours

Matterport is topical in Brisbane right now.
Real estate is destined for great change both from a marketing point of view and with the business  models around leasing, renting and selling property.  The current health crisis has rocked the world of every local agent and forced the industry to adopt technology at a much faster pace than it would have otherwise.  Matterport was and is still a saviour providing a means for contactless property inspections.
Matterport is still providing value for Melbournian’s who are unfortunately experiencing a second lockdown and anyone outside Queensland who wants to view a property whether that’s an investment property, interstate managed rental or a property for sale. 
We know that challenges are the very catalyst to bring about innovation and it’s certainly the case now.  The opportunities for new business at this time are boundless.  Agencies and agents who leap towards and embrace these solutions set themselves apart as market leaders.
This week we were on site shooting Matterport 3D virtual tours for a variety of properties including this unit in Norman Park. It’s in a a new complex in the final stages of completion. The client had previously used Matterport for their display units and found the solution was well-received particularly with travel restrictions limiting interstate travel.  Prospective clients can access and view their potential investment without having to leave their home or office. This provides coverage for interstate and international buyers.

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