Home Styling Delivers Results

Photographing homes that have been styled is often the difference between a great shot and the kind that will have you sucking your breath in because it’s just so on point. We’re lucky to work with some amazing property stylists in both Brisbane and Ipswich. Stylists know how to present a home at its best to inspire buyers. They have a deep understanding of style in homes that goes beyond just following the latest trends.

When we walk into a home that has been well styled, the colours blend, the furniture flows and there’s an instant feeling of ‘home’. That’s because good property stylists understand that sometimes less is more. They avoid clutter but know which details are important.

Good stylists understand the work of the real estate photographer. For example a great stylist knows that lamps need to have bulbs (!) and to choose a warm or a cool colour temperature depending on the situation. We actually use all available light when photographing a property for sale. Attention to these little details makes all the difference to the end result.

Another example of the sort of value a stylist brings to the selling process is in the choice of layout for a home. Depending on the home and the suburb, a small bedroom in a five bedroom home might be better as a study when showing a home for sale.

You can see from our blog we try to demonstrate the value that all property professionals bring to the table when selling a home in Brisbane or Ipswich. Expertise that delivers better results for home owners and agents. If you’ve sold or purchased more than one or two homes in your time you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

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