Digital Declutter / Virtual Staging

When you intend to rent your property, professional real estate photography is an essential service to consider prior to tenants moving in.  You might be thinking suuuuuure, of course, they’ll say that because it’s their business, but the truth is, many owners just don’t think about future situations that may arise.  We have seen it all, so we know why this so important.

It’s a good idea to get professional real estate photos of the property prior to tenants moving in for two main reasons.  1) You might decide to sell when the property is still tenanted or 2) you might be advertising for your next tenant whilst the property is still occupied.

In both cases the property might not be as well presented as it could be or you might find it difficult to get access.  Ask your property manager about the current tenancy law in Queensland regarding this.

If you have professional images ready to go prior to your tenant moving in, selling or advertising for new tenants will be a breeze.  You won’t need to disturb your current tenant and you’ll have images that present the property well making it easy to sell or let.

Digital declutter (virtual staging) for all the other times

For those times that it’s not possible to shoot perfect images we are left with no choice but to work with what we have.  In this case we ask owners to consider a digital declutter service.  It’s a lifesaver for property managers in particular.  This is a service that has come about thanks to new opportunities DIGITAL real estate photography provides where it’s now possible to virtually stage a property.  Our image editors are absolute professionals when it comes to digitally removing unwanted clutter from a room and adding furniture that presents the property as a professionaly staged home without the investment or timeframes that come with professional styling.  The results are often quite spectacular. Take a look at the example below.

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