Compelling Reasons to Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Whether you have property for sale or for rent, professional real estate photography has become an incredibly important tool for marketing property. Whilst your smartphone might take ‘nice enough’ shots of your property for sale or your real estate agent may even have a DSLR camera they can use to get ‘good photos’ of your property… ‘nice’ and ‘good’ just won’t cut it if prospective tenants or buyers are looking at hundreds of listings online.

There is great value in professional real estate photography for both buyers and sellers. Below are four compelling reasons shared by agents we work with in Brisbane:

1. Your property will create a favourable first impression.

To attract the interest of prospective buyers, sellers ensure all cosmetic repairs are taken care of, such as the paint work and getting chips, cracks and other minor surface damage fixed. Smart sellers also have their home staged professionally. However, even the cleanest and the most attractive home won’t get the attention it deserves online without professionally-taken photographs. It’s necessary to ensure your property is presented in the best light using high quality images that capture the attention of buyers.

2. Your property listing will get more clicks and views

Listings that feature professional photos get more clicks than those without. Although clicks and views don’t guarantee a sale, they do ensure a greater pool of prospective buyers to create interest in your property.

3. Your property will be sell faster

Homes that are listed using high quality images sell faster. Moreover, it takes more days on average to sell a home with only one picture. However, one with many pictures stays on the market for fewer days. Also, a whopping 98 percent of buyers say that photos are the most useful tool that allows them to investigate whether a listing is a good prospect.

4. Your property value will be perceived as higher

As mentioned earlier, you or your real estate agent may be capable of taking ‘good photos’ however, professionally-taken property pictures get the best from the lighting, time of day, angle, and so many other elements that affect the impact each photo will make on potential buyers searching for property. This is especially important as photos of your property will be accessed by hundreds of prospects browsing the internet.

There’s definitely more than one reason to use professional real estate photos in listings. So, be sure to include some if you want to get your property sold faster for more.

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