Brisbane Real Estate Photography: Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Pictures speak louder than words as our brain can register images 60,000 times quicker than it can register words. If you are in a real estate business, you should know the benefits of including real estate photography to sell homes. If you are a complete beginner and wondering how to start selling homes with real estate photography, here is your guide from the industry professionals:

#1 Best camera equipment use

We are not going to discuss here Sony vs. Canon vs. Nikon! We are here to know what exactly works for the real estate industry and photography business. You can choose any brand; however, what matters is the type of “lens” you choose.

A wide-angle camera lens works best for real estate photography. Wide angle lens allows a full shot and provides a real sense of depth and detail. Spaces like bedroom and bathrooms are inconvenient to click images without a wide-angle lens.

However, too much of an angle width shot can cause distortions. You have to maintain a balance to be as accurate as you can.

#2 Go for a full frame camera, not megapixels

Megapixels do not enhance the quality of your image. The larger the sensor is, the better is the picture quality. Real estate photography requires high-quality image and a wider field of view. Select a full frame camera for better low light performance, enhanced image quality, and a wide-angle view.

#3 Shoot in HDR mode

HDR mode of photography gives professional photographs vibrant and dynamic shades. In real estate business, the unique polished look leaves a significant impact on the potential buyers. HDR mode captures several images and combines them together to give a high lustrous photograph.

#4 Learn from the professionals and have patience

An artist is a self-learner. According to Henry David Thoreau, “It is not what you look at matters, it is what you see”.

One of the best ways to master the art of real estate photography is to admire and analyse great pictures to know why they work. It takes a minimum of 2 years to grow as a real estate photographer in Brisbane.

So, have patience and stay devoted. Also, have a look at the best real estate

photography to understand the strategies of professional photography.

#5 Natural Light and Space

Natural light and space are the two parameters for homebuyers in Brisbane to decide whether to buy a property or not. It is recommendable to keep space and natural light in mind while composing your photographs. Too congested or low light images do not create a good impact on home buyers.

#6 Do not use vertical orientation

The human brain is configured to find a horizontal or landscape view more pleasant than a vertical image. A person with normal eyesight can see the world in approximately an aspect ratio of 4:3. Always shoot your real estate photographs in a horizontal or landscape alignment for better results.

#6 Dedicate yourself for hours

A perfect shot requires many takes. A complete photo shoot of a property requires a dedicated time. For example, a 2000 square foot house would need a shooting time of 2-3 hours. Try as many angles as you can for the best shot of the property.

#7 Plan and analyse the best feature in every room

Before you start the real estate photography, create a proper plan and examine the selling point in each room. Capture the best feature of every room in natural light for better impact on home buyers. Click the image from that corner of the room which makes the room look more spacious. Remove every element from the room that creates distortion. Make sure every corner is neat and clean. Accessorise the rooms for better images.

Tip: Addition of colourful artwork or vibrant flowers adds life to your real estate photography.


For better real estate photography effects, clean every corner of the property, wait for the right weather and stay away from all the knick knacks.

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